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Spring session 60% full


“Students who complete their training at Groupe Additive 3D, who have combined learning software specifically adapted for additive manufacturing in addition to hands-on training on 3D metal printers, will be greatly advantaged by experience they will have gained in their courses,” said Yvon Leduc, President of Groupe Additive 3D.

Groupe Additive 3D will have the largest number of 3D metal and polymer printers of different models to teach different applications that allow students to learn better.

Groupe Additive 3D wants to ensure that students will have an advantage when they graduate – and will have hands-on experience in additive manufacturing using industrial 3D printers.


We are pleased to welcome you to the SolidXperts/SOLIDWORKS family in Quebec. Following your new acquisition of SOLIDWORKS, the leader in 3D design and conception, you will receive over the next few days the IT media needed to install your solution.


  • Develop a cutting-edge perspective on digital transformation and the factory of the future.
  • Understand the fundamentals and workflow of polymers, metals and composites.
  • Assess the business case for the transition of a product to be manufactured using AM versus the conventional approach, in part or in full.
  • Design parts for AM that combine engineering intuition with computational design and process-specific constraints (with different 3D software; Solidworks, Materialise Magics, Mazatrol and Catia).
  • Assess the value of an additively manufactured part based on its cost of production and performance.
  • Learn how to select an AM process and hardware for a specific application.
  • Browse the complex and multivariate landscape of AM equipment, materials and applications.
  • Identify how, when and where AM can create value throughout the product lifecycle.