• 2020/03/15

Groupe Additive 3D Gains the Additive Advantage

Groupe Additive 3D Gains the Additive Advantage

Groupe Additive 3D Gains the Additive Advantage 1080 864 Homer

EDUCATION (Training Center)

“The students coming out of here — be it from the 3D printing class or working in the AM facility — are at a great advantage with the practical hands-on experience that they’ve gotten with the machines,” says Yvon Leduc, President of Groupe Additive 3D.

Groupe Additive 3D will have the largest number of machines for students to use.

Groupe Additive 3D wants to ensure that students have an advantage when they graduate — and hands-on experience with additive manufacturing using industrial 3D printers certainly ticks that box.


  • Develop a cutting-edge perspective on digital transformation and the factory of the future.
  • Understand the fundamental principles and workflow of polymers, metals, and composites.
  • Evaluate the business case for transitioning a product to be made using AM versus the conventional approach, either in part or in whole.
  • Design parts for AM that combine engineering intuition with computationally-driven design and process-specific constraints (with different 3D software; Solidworks, Materialize Magics and Catia).
  • Assess the value of an additively manufactured part based on its production cost and performance.
  • Learn how to select an AM process and material for a specific application.
  • Navigate the complex, multivariate landscape of AM equipment materials, and applications.
  • Identify how, when, and where AM can create value across the entire product lifecycle.

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